(To THRIVE in your workplace) think about the environment that helps you to do your best work and try to incorporate those elements as much as possible.

How To Create a Workplace Where You Can THRIVE 

How would you define what it means to “thrive?” Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines thrive as: to grow or develop well or vigorously; to prosper or flourish. 

Why does thriving in the workplace matter? Thriving can help reduce burnout, increase job satisfaction and improve performance. Thriving in a workplace can look different for every person. So, spend some time thinking about the following items to help you thrive in your workplace.

Consider How You Think and Communicate 

What is your communication style? How do you interact with others? Try digging into your preferred means of communication and how you can improve your communication with others. This will allow you to advocate for your own communication needs and help you identify when to adapt to others’ styles. Furthermore, assessments such as the DiSC personality test or Myers Briggs Type Indicator can help you learn more about your personality and interactions with others to further improve how you communicate, learn and work with others. 

Consider How You Work 

Think about your most productive workday. What were the key ingredients that helped you be so successful? Perhaps you took regularly scheduled breaks from your computer, maybe you stepped out for lunch with coworkers, which left you feeling refreshed for the afternoon, or maybe you moved your body throughout the day. Whatever they are, utilize those key ingredients to help you discover how you work best.

Consider Where You Work 

To produce your best work, are you the type that needs background noise, like at a coffee shop, or do you need some uninterrupted quiet time in an office space? Think about the environment that helps you to do your best work and try to incorporate those elements as much as possible. Don’t have the kind of flexibility that allows you to work from a coffee shop or another space? Think about a few smaller key elements that you CAN incorporate into your work setting that can help you thrive. Perhaps you can take your laptop and move closer to a window for more natural light.

Studies show cognitive function is enhanced and mental health is improved when people are exposed to nature, so find opportunities to get outside. Maybe you find walking during a meeting helps bring about more creativity or innovative ideas. Try walking around your building or turning an office meeting into a walking meeting. Even something as simple as putting in your earbuds with your favorite focus music can help you accomplish your to-do list.  

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tracybrower/2019/11/24/how-to-thrive-at-work-10-strategies-based-on-brain-science/ 


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