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Apex Benefits’ custom employee wellbeing solutions are provided through our Kinetiq Health team. These clinicians, wellness coaches and analytics experts help move organizational health in a more positive direction through the use of data and actionable insights. Any benefits advisor or wellness consultant can provide you with reports about the health of your employee population. Yet no one offers the same depth of expertise as Apex.

A unique mix of people, processes and technologies, Kinetiq Health is a powerful solution that helps employers reduce healthcare costs and create cultures of wellness. Our team leverages data over and above that of most benefits advisors to design health and wellness programs that effectively impact the behavior of plan participants. By continuously looking in depth at both financial and clinical data, our team promotes better bottom-line health for your organization and improved health and wellbeing for your employees.


Kinetiq Health


No other benefits advisory firm has such a deep financial and clinical team reviewing, mining and managing client data. Our analytics team includes registered nurses, dietitians, wellness coaches, financial analysts, a clinical pharmacist, actuaries, market analysts, former underwriters, and other healthcare and finance professionals. This team is trained to use data and their years of practical experience to zero in on actionable insights that will have the greatest impact on better health and bottom lines.


Our team unifies many data sources to provide a holistic view of current-state population health as well as predictive risk to the organization. The team leverages experience in health coaching, analytics-based modeling and application of behavioral science to mine client claims data for utilization patterns. Since nearly 80% of the ROI of wellness programs comes from disease management, we focus on that small percentage of your population that is costing your organization the most. Data can only tell you so much – but it’s the clinical insight that nets the greatest impact.


One size does not fit all when it comes to analytics platforms. Our team has taken on a seemingly daunting, but necessary, challenge of running multiple systems. As a client, you should expect nothing more than the right technology for your specific needs. It’s simply wrong to assume that one specific analytics platform will meet the needs of every employer. Taking company size, industry and financial risk into consideration, we will leverage the technology – or combination of technologies – that will net the greatest return in value.

Our Services

Data-Driven Strategies to Reduce Costs and Improve Wellness

Our whole health strategy incorporates data-driven medical and pharmacy claims insights, lifestyle management programming, and disease and narrowly focused case management to impact employee wellbeing and achieve the greatest ROI for your benefits investments.

Population Health Strategy

The team works to understand current health status of your employee population through a baseline wellness assessment. Our nurses, pharmacist and clinical analysts review claims data to better understand what part of your workforce is at highest risk. Combining these data elements into a multi-year strategy, we outline opportunities for cost containment and member intervention, and removing potential barriers to care.

Services include:

  • Better outcomes through measurable programming customized to your workforce
  • Increased health awareness through lifestyle management programming
  • Supportive, year-round education resources that increase engagement
  • 1:1 health coaching and disease management initiatives to impact those at highest risk

Predictive Analytics and Reporting

Our actuaries and financial and health data analysts analyze the root cause of claims costs, predict future claims costs based on clinical risk stratification and model the impact of prospective plan alternatives. This ensures healthcare risk trends of population segments and individual participants are identified with enough time to intervene.

Services include:

  • Whole health assessments of workforces using multiple technology platforms
  • Educated analysis of data so you can make the best benefits decisions for your workforce
  • Meaningful reporting that offers clarity and actionable insights
  • Deep dives into data to the Member level using the best health intelligence platforms

Pharmacy Benefits Consulting

Prescription drugs are one of the most complex aspects of employee benefits. To maximize your drug program’s effectiveness and minimize the drain on your bottom line, our team helps employers manage the impact of escalating pharmacy benefits costs by increasing the transparency and improving the terms of their Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) contracts.

Services include:

  • PBM Contract Assessments that measure the health of your PBM contract
  • PBM sourcing and negotiations to achieve better service and contract terms
  • Working with your PBM to guide your plan implementation from set-up to go-live
  • Online claims and contract monitoring to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for
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Pharmacy Benefits Consulting

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