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What We Do

Employee Benefits Strategy

Our strategists work as members of your team to understand your goals and deliver the appropriate employee benefit solutions. We leverage our Elevate365 Strategic Planning Process to create a multi-year strategic roadmap that effectively manages the cost of health care and helps attract and retain top talent.

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Health Care Risk Management

Our Population Health Team is a unique blend of experienced clinicians and medical and financial analysts. Nurses, pharmacists, actuaries and more utilize our prescriptive solution, Kinetiq Health, to manage high cost claims, prevent future risk and create better outcomes for your employees — and your bottom line.

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Minimize Your Risk

Maximize Your Opportunity

You do not have to accept the disruption of large increases in the cost of benefits year after year. In fact, we can help you beat the industry trend. From 2019 to 2023 our self-funded clients’ total health care claims costs increased just 1.09% PEPM on average, while industry trends averaged close to 10% increase.

If you saved more, you could do more. Consider how you could reinvest your savings:

  • Hire more employees
  • Increase salaries to retain top talent
  • Provide richer benefits
  • Innovate to increase your competitive strength

Peer Review Assessment identifies specific savings opportunities within your existing plan. Having Apex conduct a review does not disrupt your current broker relationship. It can, however, provide you with the peace of mind that you are maximizing your finite budget to deliver the best benefits program for the greatest return.

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