January 10, 2023

Are you stuck in a rut, feeling bored with how you spend your free time? Maybe you’re in the “there’s nothing good on TV” mood. Whichever the case, these could be signs that it’s time to spice up your hobbies and discover new interests!  In fact, research suggests that how you spend leisure time matters to your health (think lower stress, greater life satisfaction, and more friends). It can sometimes be difficult to find new things that you could be passionate about, but don’t worry — we have your back!   

How to Find a New Hobby 101:

  • Has something sparked your interest in the past? If so, try to learn more about it!  This could be wheel throwing in a ceramics class, flower arranging, or learning how to ballroom dance. Taking classes can help you learn what you’re passionate about! 
  • What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do? You might have past dreams of rocking out on the guitar or learning another language — finding a new hobby can be your chance to turn those dreams into a reality. 
  • Consider what you already enjoy.  Think about things you like to do for fun. If you enjoy baking, taking a macaron-making class could be fun. If you like working out, try a new activity to get your sweat on such as yoga, barre, martial arts or cycling.  Local studios generally offer free or low-cost classes to newcomers.  
  • Be open to new experiences. Trying something new can be hard, but lots of people stumble upon their hobby by accident. Maybe a friend invites you to go rock climbing, or a friendly neighbor gives you a tomato plant — you might fall in love with these hobbies but would have never thought to try them out yourself.   

Everyone enjoys different activities in their spare time. What your friend likes to do may not be your cup of tea — and that’s okay! It can take time to find a new hobby you love, but once you do, keep pursuing and making time for your new passion.    

Not sure where to start?  Click here to find a random hobby! 



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Kayla is a trained Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) and earned the National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice (NCTTP). She is a member of the Indiana Society for Public Health Education (InSOPHE) and a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®).

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