May 17, 2022

Physical Activity - A person in running shoes climbs a staircase


The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans state that adults should aim for 30 minutes of physical activity per day, while children and adolescents should aim for 60 minutes per day.

We are familiar with these recommendations, and they are pretty straightforward, but the options for hitting our physical activity goals are endless!

To stick with a physical activity goal, we must first reframe our mindset around movement. Take a second to ask yourself what you consider to be physical activity. Most people would respond by saying “running, high-intensity workouts, or hitting the gym,” and while those answers aren’t wrong, intense activities aren’t the only activities that influence our health and wellbeing.

Start with what you enjoy!

To make physical activity part of a daily routine, pick activities that work with your lifestyle and that you actually enjoy! Maybe that is going on a walk with your dog, biking around the neighborhood with your partner or kids, or even playing in a recreational sports league. All physical activity is good activity! So, take time to try a variety of things to see what fits YOU.

Set realistic expectations.

When starting a physical activity routine, be gracious with yourself! Your body and your mindset will need time to adjust, and you will have life events get in the way of planned activity. It’s easy to get excited or let motivation take over, so don’t get discouraged if you fall short. Pick it back up the next day! This will help to avoid burnout, keep soreness at bay, and prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed.

And finally, time it right!

If you don’t have 30 minutes before or after work, consider breaking it up throughout your day. Take a 10-minute walk after lunch, do a quick 5 minutes of your favorite exercises in your living room, mow the lawn when you get home from work, or do a few yoga poses to wind down for bed. Physical activity doesn’t have to be done all at once. In fact, using smaller bouts of physical activity throughout the day to break up sitting time has been found to show great improvements in our physical and mental health.

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