January 5, 2022

Our overall health goes far beyond fitness level or food intake. Stress level, financial security, professional growth and your physical environment are just a few of the many aspects of well-being that can affect quality of life.

Apex’s Kinetiq Health team has formed a vision of what holistic health looks like. The Dimensions of Health diagram was created by our team of clinical professionals and health and wellness experts to form a model that encapsulates eight aspects of health that factor into our overall well-being.

Each dimension is interconnected; when one dimension is neglected, others tend to suffer too. Struggling in one aspect of health can affect success or growth in other aspects.

For example, your financial situation might affect how you feel you can succeed socially. Or your work may suffer if your mind is not challenged or you don’t feel fulfilled. By consciously addressing and working toward being balanced in all dimensions of well-being — we can reach our highest potential.

The eight dimensions include:

  • Mental – A person’s ability to cope with stress, be resilient, deal with conflict, express emotions, and have positive self-esteem and a sense of purpose or direction
  • Physical – Healthy habits related to physical activity, nutrition, sleep, preventive health care and the body’s overall physical well-being; the development of body awareness and tending to one’s physical health to help maintain an optimal level of fitness
  • Social – A person’s capacity to form healthy relationships and feelings of connection with their communities
  • Occupational – Having work activities and responsibilities that serve to fulfill a passion and support one’s values in life and understanding how to provide value to an organization; this could also include meeting career goals, building relationships with colleagues and having work/life balance
  • Financial – Finding a balance in relationship to money; this includes living responsibly or within means, maximizing total rewards packages and learning how to use savings and investment plans
  • Spiritual – Personal beliefs, values and morals make up spiritual health; this includes discovering a purpose and developing an appreciation for life
  • Intellectual – Creative and stimulating activities that expand knowledge impact intellectual health; this also involves being able to look at a problem or situation from multiple perspectives and provide solutions
  • Environmental – Cultivating physically and emotionally healthy work and home environments; having a sense of respect for the environment and understanding individual and corporate impact on environmental health

We’re sharing our new framework for health and wellness in hopes that it gives you some direction to reaching your own optimal health. The concept is simple — well-being is all about feeling well, holistically; it includes feeling happy, healthy, connected, purposeful, and mentally equipped to handle whatever may come your way.

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Sarah Michaels

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