October 13, 2021

Fall is finally here, which means it’s time for apple cider, pumpkin patches and holidays with our friends and family. However, this also means influenza (flu) season is upon us.

Due to mask mandates and social distancing measures that were in place during 2020, flu season was not as big of a concern as usual. However, with these safety measures having decreased, and new COVID variants have emerged this year, the flu has the potential to be a significant problem in the coming fall and winter months.

To enjoy all the fun fall activities, we have to stay healthy. Getting a flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu and its potentially serious complications. Below is a summary of the benefits of the flu vaccination and why you should get one.

  • Flu vaccines help prevent getting sick with the flu. The flu vaccine has been shown to reduce the risk of contracting the flu by about 40-60% and is recommended for everyone older than 6 months.
  • Flu vaccines can help reduce the severity of illness in people who get vaccinated but still get sick. Even if you end up getting sick with the flu, the vaccine has still been shown to reduce the severity of flu symptoms. A 2021 study showed that among adults, flu vaccination was associated with a 26 percent lower risk of ICU admission and 31 percent lower risk of death from flu compared to those who weren’t vaccinated.
  • Flu vaccines can protect the people around you. Getting vaccinated yourself can help reduce the risk of getting the flu for those who are more vulnerable to serious illness, like babies, older adults and people with chronic illnesses.

Not sure where to get your flu shot? Many pharmacies and clinics offer free flu shots without an appointment. You can also get one at your next primary care visit!

Kinetiq Health presents Better Health in 90, a video series of health tips in 90 seconds or less from our expert clinical team.

In this Better Health in 90 video, Kinetiq Health Program Manager Jordyn Schwerin, RN discusses why she and her family get flu shots each year.

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Jordyn Schwerin, RN

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Jordyn Schwerin, RN

Kinetiq Health Program Manager

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