May 24, 2023

Medication adherence is a crucial aspect of mental health treatment. Follow these tips to set yourself up for success and stay on track with your prescribed regimen.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s crucial to prioritize medication adherence as part of your mental health treatment plan. Adhering to your medication regimen means taking your prescribed medications as directed by your healthcare providers. While unintentional lapses can happen due to the complexities of medication and the busyness of life, it’s essential to set ourselves up for success. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stick to your treatment plan:

Communicate openly with your healthcare providers.

Not all medications come with straightforward instructions. Take the time to understand vital details such as how to take your medications, how to store them properly, and what effects to expect. Discuss with your provider when you might start experiencing the medication’s impact, as it may take time to see results.

Speak up and share your concerns.

If you experience any side effects or concerns with your medication, don’t hesitate to inform your healthcare provider. They need to be aware of any challenges you face. Additionally, if affordability becomes an issue or you feel overwhelmed by the number or frequency of medications, discuss these concerns with your provider. They may be able to help simplify your daily regimen or explore alternative options.

Be honest about missed doses or desire to stop medication.

Openly share with your healthcare team if you’ve missed any doses. It’s important for them to understand how you’re using your medications to provide the best assistance. Similarly, if you’re considering stopping any medication, consult your healthcare provider first, even if you’re feeling better. They can guide you through the process safely.

Establish a consistent routine.

Creating a routine makes it easier to remember your medication amidst a busy day. Choose a specific time each day to take your medications and find ways to incorporate reminders. Here are a few friendly tips for setting up a routine:

  • Determine the time of day that works best for you.
  • Set alarms on your phone or watch to alert you when your medication is due.
  • Pair taking your medications with an existing daily activity, such as brushing your teeth before bed.

Bonus tip: Consider using a pill organizer to help manage multiple medications. Make filling the organizer part of your routine as well, picking the same time each week to prepare for the upcoming days.

Ensure you don’t run out of medications.

Running out of medication unexpectedly can disrupt your treatment plan. To avoid this, make sure to refill your prescriptions a few days before you run out. This precaution accounts for any issues that may arise at the pharmacy or with your insurance. Also, pay attention to when you’ll need a refill from your healthcare provider. While the pharmacy can assist with the refill, it may cause a slight delay in obtaining your medication.

If your insurance allows it and you’re stable on a particular medication that’s working well for you, consider getting a 90-day supply. This helps reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy and minimizes the chance of running out of your medications.

Plan ahead for vacations and travel

When going on a well-deserved vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is missing a dose or misplacing your medication. Pack a few extra doses in case of emergencies and remember never to store your medications in a checked bag. Always keep them with you in your carry-on luggage for easy access.

Remember, if your treatment plan involves medications, adhering to the prescribed regimen is a vital part of mental health treatment. If you’re facing challenges with medication adherence, please reach out to your healthcare provider for assistance. They can provide you with additional support and resources to help you succeed.

Stay committed to your mental health and embrace a positive journey towards well-being.

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