March 28, 2023

Some days’ schedules do not allow for a full workout. But you can stay active in other ways.

How can we fit exercise into a normal day? Walk 10,000 steps per day. Perform muscle-strengthening exercises at least two times per week. Aim for 75-150 minutes of aerobic activity per week. We have heard these basics countless times. But somehow it is never that simple.

You want to exercise but then work responsibilities, children’s schedules, doctor appointments and an active social calendar all cut into your time. Thankfully, a little planning goes a long way. Here are a few simple ways to balance your everyday life needs with your fitness goals.

Kick that gym membership.

Going to the gym every day can be unrealistic for people. So, if you have a gym membership, you could consider kicking it to the curb. While that might sound strange coming from a personal trainer, stick with me for a second.

Canceling a membership will not work for everybody. But many people who have a gym membership or a subscription service, like Peloton or Daily Burn, may notice that they haven’t been to the gym or logged into their exercise app in weeks or even months.

Why spend your hard-earned cash on memberships that go unused. Allocate that money towards something more in line with your goals and schedule — something like exercise classes for example.

You may be asking, how is that any different? Exercise classes almost always require you to sign up beforehand. When you make the commitment to go, and it shows up on your schedule, it becomes much easier to follow through. You are locked in and have money on the line.

Exercise classes can also eliminate stress and risk. Instead of having to plan your workout and decide which activities to focus on, professionals guide you through a class keep you safe with proper technique.

Side note —local fitness studios will often let you try out your first class for free or even offer special promotions for a short trial period. Free or discounted classes allow you to get more bang for your buck. They also provide a chance to test out a variety of classes until you land on a workout that you enjoy and want to invest in long-term.

Think outside the box.

Finally, focus on making physical activity convenient and simple. Some days’ schedules do not allow for a full workout. But you can stay active in other ways and build in a few minutes of movement when you have a chance. Here’s a great list of exercises that you do not need any equipment for.

Get creative if you need to. Take the stairs or walk to the furthest restroom instead of the one near your desk. Add some squats in while folding laundry or hold a plank during a commercial break. There are many daily activities that can double as exercise.

Things that may seem slightly silly at first add up over time.  A few extra steps each day or 5 more minutes of exercise that normal will have real impact.

Regardless of how you choose to fit in physical activity, remember to make it work for you and make it enjoyable!

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How to Fit Exercise Into Your Day
Jessica Lenahan

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Jessica Lenahan

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