June 6, 2023

Access to traditional care providers has become a significant issue. In recent years, employers have recognized the value of providing health care services at the workplace. Enter workplace clinics, a convenient and accessible solution for health care.

Clincs offer many potential benefits to both employers and employees. Does a clinic make sense for your organization? Here are a few things to consider first.

Affordable, accessible health care.

Primary care and specialist providers are overbooked. As a result, plan members experience delays seeking vital preventive care. The primary benefit of a workplace clinic is convenient access to affordable health care services.

Clinics eliminate the need to travel off-site for routine check-ups, vaccinations or minor treatments.  Additionally, worksite clinics often come at low or no cost to employees.  As a result, employees can save time, energy and money.

Improved access encourages preventive care. Health issues can be detected at an early stage, leading to better long-term health outcomes. Employees who have limited access to health care due to geographic or financial constraints can receive the care they need right at their workplace, ensuring equity and inclusivity.

Improved workforce stability

Illness-related absenteeism can be a significant drain on an organization. A workplace clinic can help address this issue by offering prompt medical attention to employees. Timely diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care become available onsite. Employees can recover faster and return to work sooner.

By catching health issues early and promoting preventive care, workplace clinics can also impact sick leave. A proactive approach to employee health keeps the workforce healthier and minimizes disruptions. As a result, employers may see improved productivity and organizational performance.

Increased productivity

Employee health and productivity go hand in hand. When employees have easy access to health care services, they are more likely to address health concerns promptly. This often leads to improved well-being. Healthy employees tend to have higher energy levels, increased focus and improved job satisfaction, which contribute to enhanced productivity.

Workplace clinics can also offer wellness programs. This could include nutrition counseling, stress management and fitness classes. These programs serve to further support employee well-being and reduce long-term health risk. By investing in their employees’ health, employers create a positive and engaging work environment.

Cost considerations for clinics

Workplace clinics have the potential to yield significant cost savings for plan members. By providing primary care services in-house, organizations can reduce health care-related expenses. Employees experience lower co-pays, deductibles and insurance premiums.

Employers can reap rewards as well. Early detection and management of chronic conditions can help prevent complications and hospitalizations. This can reduce large stop-loss claims — a significant driver of medical spend.

But it is worth pausing to consider the potential costs of a workplace clinic. Fixed costs will be incurred for every member on the plan — whether they use the clinic or not. Unused preventive care does not reduce the risk of catastrophic claims.

Employers should track clinic use on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is a cost-effective solution. This should go hand in hand with a year-round communication plan. The goal: encourage employees and their dependents to take advantage of the on-site clinic.

So, what’s the final word on clinics?

Workplace clinics have the potential to be a win-win solution for employers and plan members. It can drive a healthier workforce and reduce medical costs for employers.  It offers convenient access to high quality, affordable health care for employees.

However, clinics are not an “easy button” for health care risk management. They can become a financial drain on an organization if utilization is low.

If you are considering whether a clinic would align with your organization’s goals, we would love to help. If your clinic is currently burning a hole in your pocket, we can help with that too.

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