November 4, 2020

Simply put, financial wellness is the state and management of your financial situation. With the holidays coming up, the end of the year approaching, and the state of our economy, November is the perfect time to focus on financial wellness. When it comes to financial wellness, have you thought about or planned for the below topics? If not, where is the best place for you to start building your financial wellness toolkit? Use the resources below to shift your focus to a specific area of your finances.

What needs my attention the most is ____________________.

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Organizations are in a constant state of change and the Kinetiq Health team supports them every step of the way. A unique formula of people, processes and technologies enables our team to keep an educated eye on the financial and clinical implications of data to move organizations toward improved financial health and employee wellbeing.

Sarah Michaels, RN, CPBS

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Sarah Michaels, RN, CPBS

VP of Kinetiq Health
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