May 17, 2023

Follow these tips below to help you and your family establish a few summer routines!

Summer has arrived, bringing with it the joys of sunshine, school vacations, and endless outdoor fun. While many revel in the season, it’s important to recognize that the lack of routine can disrupt family harmony. If you’re experiencing the chaos of an unstructured summer, it’s time to take action and establish some much-needed routines. Discover valuable tips below to help you and your family create a balanced and fulfilling summer routine!

Stay Active

Make the most of summer’s natural energy by prioritizing physical activity for your family. Although the presence of children at home may pose challenges, there are numerous strategies to incorporate exercise into your routine:

  • Dive into fun water activities at the pool, such as swimming laps or joining your kids in a game of Marco Polo. Embrace variety with activities like walks/hikes in local parks, engaging in tag games or even organizing a friendly game of volleyball.
  • Can’t find a suitable activity? Explore your local gym for summer workout class specials or membership discounts. Opt for a gym with childcare services, enabling you to work out while keeping an eye on the kids.
  • If necessary, wake up early to squeeze in a home workout. Take advantage of free trainer-led workouts on platforms like YouTube or to get moving before the rest of the family wakes up.

Establish a Regular Bedtime

While the temptation to stay up late during summer nights is enticing, ensuring adequate sleep is vital for both parents and children. Although it’s acceptable to be more lenient with bedtimes during this season of extended daylight, strive for a consistent bedtime routine to promote well-rested mornings and productive days. Seek guidance from Apex’s own Jessica Lenahan, who provides valuable insights on establishing a sleep routine in this video.

Keep a Dinner Routine

With summer activities pulling the family in different directions, it’s crucial to prioritize regular family dinners as an opportunity to connect and share daily experiences. Even if you’re pressed for time, strive to come together for a meal, even if it means opting for a quick grab-and-go option. By dedicating this time to each other without the intrusion of electronic devices, you’ll foster stronger bonds and enhance family communication.

By incorporating these strategies into your summer routine, you can optimize physical health and create lasting memories with your family. Embrace the season’s energy, establish consistent bedtimes, and make time for cherished moments around the dinner table. Embrace a balanced and fulfilling summer that nourishes both body and soul!

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