June 21, 2023

How often do you get the chance to talk to the person who grew your food?

From sweet corn and homegrown tomatoes to artisan pastries and kombucha, your local farmers’ market is sure to have a seasonal treat for every member of the family.

Curious about navigating your local farmers market and why we encourage you to visit one near you? It all starts with the benefits of buying and supporting local.

Nutritional Benefits

Produce from your local farms has typically spent more time on the vine, plant, or tree. As a result, you will experience better flavor and more nutrients compared to what you purchase at the grocery store.

The shorter the time from farm to sale, the higher the levels of vitamins and minerals. Ever tasted a homegrown tomato against a store-bought one? That alone is enough for tomato lovers to purchase their own tomato plant or visit their local farmers’ market weekly.

Variety & Freshness

Did you know, by the time the store-bought fruits and vegetables end up on your plate, they are likely at least a week old?

Many farmers harvest before sun-up on market day, giving you access to the freshest produce you can buy! No more biting into that unripe fruit or vegetable, or and having to toss something that spoils faster than you expected. Your local farmers’ market brings you peak freshness – every time.

Reduced Ecological Footprint

The produce we purchase from the grocery has often travelled thousands of miles before arriving ripe for the picking at the store. Not to mention, big box farms tend to use commercial fertilizers and pesticides that impact our environment.

When you buy local, the food is typically travelling short distances and many small farmers use farming methods that minimize the impact on our environment.

Supporting Family Farmers

Over the years, the number of family farms has decreased due to large competitors increasing operational costs. By buying from these small family farms, you support them and their mission to continue to provide local fresh produce for you and other families!

If you have never been to a farmers’ market, fear not, it is just like a grocery – but outside! Check out these tips below before taking your first trip.

Bring cash

Most farmers’ markets take cards nowadays, but it is always a safe bet to bring cash to keep your options open.

BYO bags

Many stands will have plastic or paper bags to put your purchases in. However, bringing your own reusable bags if you can help save on wasted paper or plastic.

Go early

Farmers’ markets are first come, first serve. The best produce goes quickly, and quantity is limited. Plan to get there as soon as it opens.

Pack light

Farmers’ markets sometimes get crowded. Leave your extra bags and bicycle at home. Wear comfortable walking shoes so you can explore every stand.

Make friends

How often do you get the chance to talk to the person who grew your food? Do not be afraid to ask questions about the produce or how to prepare it.

Local farmers are often passionate about what they do and would love to share tips and tricks with you!

We hope you consider visiting a local farmers’ market this summer. If you are local, Visit Indy and Indy’s Child have compiled lists of local farmers’ markets in the Indy area.

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