April 28, 2021


Kinetiq Health has started a new series called, Better Health in 90, to bring you health tips in 90 seconds or less from our expert clinical team.

This month we’re focusing on nutrition. From diet cleanses to easy breakfast meals, Apex Benefits Jacquie Vail, RD will share expert advice for all your nutrition needs. In this video, she explains easy nutrition swaps for unhealthy eating habits.

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Simple Nutrition Swaps for Food and Drinks

One of the easiest and most sustainable ways to start making healthy choices is by swapping out unhealthy foods and drinks for healthier alternatives. Many of us eat and drink items like sugary cereals, white bread, soda, coffee creamer, granola bars, etc., on a daily basis that isn’t necessarily good for us.

The first step in eating healthier is to eat foods lower in calories, fat, sugars and salt. Choosing healthier options may be easier than you think. Here is a list of easy food and drink swaps that you can make today.

  1. Instead of coffee creamer, use milk/milk alternative or a homemade recipe – Coffee creamers do have enticing flavors like a white mocha latte or pumpkin spice, but they are often filled with artificial sugars and sweeteners. Swap your coffee creamer for unsweetened vanilla almond milk or try these homemade coffee creamer recipes made with whole ingredients. You’ll still get your sweetener fix, but with no artificial sugars and you know exactly what is in them.
  2. Drink sparkling water or fruit-infused water instead of soda – Soda has been linked to weight gain, increased risk for heart disease, decaying teeth and more. Drinking lime-flavored sparkling water can fulfill your desire for a lemon-lime soda. Also, there are countless ways to incorporate fruit in water that will fulfill your need for a sweet treat. Using lemons, strawberries, oranges, cucumbers in water are all great ways to enjoy a glass of water.
  3. Try oatmeal or yogurt instead of sugary breakfast items – Cereals and pastries may taste good, but they tend to be high in sugar and may cause you to crash mid-morning. Try a more sustainable option like oatmeal or yogurt that is high in fiber and protein. This overnight oats recipe is delicious, healthy and will save you time in the morning!
  4. Choose whole-grain bread over white bread – White bread has little to no nutritional value. With sprouted, whole grain bread, you receive more fiber and protein with less sugar. Even better, try whole-grain wraps.
  5. Swap candy for dried fruit or dark chocolate-covered fruit – Did you know that our sweet cravings can be satisfied by the natural sugar in fruit? Regular fruit, dried fruit or even dark chocolate-covered fruit are better alternatives than reaching for that Snickers bar. Adding a nut butter can make it a protein-rich snack as well!

Eating and drinking healthier can be as easy as swapping out different types of foods for healthier options. Try making just one of these swaps and then gradually make your way to all five. Making small changes can make a big difference in the way we feel!

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