November 11, 2020


Budgets are a great idea, pretty easy to start, but difficult to maintain. Sometimes, we have to change habits and form new habits in order to stay within our budget. According to The Balance here are 10 budgeting mistakes you might be making:

  • Guessing at Monthly Costs
  • Assigning Expenses by Paycheck
  • Not Tracking Your Spending
  • Leaving Out Items
  • Not Working as a Team
  • No Emergency Fund
  • No Fun Money
  • Classifying Wants as Needs
  • Assuming Your Monthly Bills are Set
  • Not Having One

Fortunately, a budget isn’t permanent nor concrete, so you can easily adjust it to accommodate income or lifestyle changes. It’s important to continually monitor your budget to notice where you’re falling short and where you have room to grow.

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Sarah Michaels

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Sarah Michaels , RN

Director of Population Health & Analytics
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