August 3, 2021

Kinetiq Health has started a new series called, Better Health in 90, to bring you health tips in 90 seconds or less from our expert clinical team.

In this Better Health in 90 video, Director of Kinetiq Health and Registered Nurse Sarah Michaels discusses the benefits of getting your children to the doctor for their annual physical.

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Back-to-School Physicals

As bedtimes get more strict, family vacations wrap up and the beginning of August is upon us, we can all feel summer break coming to a close.

Our students will be picking out colored folders and mechanical pencils soon, but don’t forget an important task on the back-to-school to-do list – physicals!

Physicals play an important role in making sure children (and adults!) are healthy and progressing at a normal rate. Here are some reasons to make sure your kids are getting their yearly physicals.

  • Establish a relationship with a healthcare provider – Having your child establish a relationship with a healthcare provider early in their life can help your child be more comfortable and open with their provider. For instance, if your child is having vision problems or headaches, you’ll want them to feel comfortable enough with their physician so that the issue can be addressed.
  • Learn baseline for child’s health – It’s hard to know if something is normal if you don’t know where it started! Knowing if your child is growing, learning and playing at a normal rate is important, especially year after year. Getting a physical can make sure that your child is developing normally, or can help you take actions steps if something is off balance.
  • Free – Physicals are free of charge with your insurance. It’s one of the only healthcare benefits that comes free of charge to you, so you know it’s important!

At the physical, the healthcare provider will record your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse. They’ll also check their lungs, stomach, reflexes, eyes, ears and nose to make sure everything seems normal.

Make sure to bring any immunization records and a list of medications that your child takes to the appointment.

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