December 30, 2020


There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a year of change, obstacles, ups and downs and everything in between. Many of us are more excited than ever to start a new year and are looking forward to 2021. Like everything this year, our New Year’s resolutions and goals might look a little different than usual – and that’s a good thing. We’ve faced challenges this year that have altered our perspectives and made us find strength in places we didn’t even know existed.

How do we plan achievable goals that will help us become stronger and more resilient in the upcoming year? Check out these tips to change habits and reach your goals in 2021:

  • Set goals that motivate you – When setting goals, make sure you are excited about them and see the value in achieving them. Set goals that relate to the highest priorities in your life. You should feel a sense of urgency and have an “I must do this” attitude. Without this type of focus, you could end up with too many goals or some that seem very random later in the year.
  • Write them down – One of the best ways to keep on track for reaching goals is to write them down. Writing down the goal and why it motivates you will serve as a great reminder when the going gets tough. Use powerful language when you write your goals as well, using phrases like, “I will” instead of “I want to.”
  • Make them visible – Once written down, place your goals in a place where you’ll see them daily. Write or print them on fun paper to spice it up! Put goals on your walls, desk, computer monitor, bathroom mirror or refrigerator as a constant reminder.
  • Focus on what matters – 2020 has probably changed your perspective on a few things. Focusing on a few goals instead of many will make them more realistic and attainable. Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your career, family and life to go.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff – It can be easy to dwell on things that mess up your plans, or cause you to stray from healthy habits. Try to let go of that mindset and focus on the big picture. A setback in reaching goals will happen, but what matters most is that you reset and get back on track.

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