Employers must often perform a balancing act between offering competitive healthcare plans with more choices and flexibility and finding ways to control costs for their employees. Whether you are more cost-focused or benefit-focused, it’s important to be aware of which side of the spectrum you are on and whether your actions align with your company’s health and wellness. Knowing where you stand will help you navigate how to bridge any gaps between the cost and quality of healthcare benefits for employees. Take the 10-question Balancing Act quiz to assess if your current benefit offerings align with what you intend to offer. Once you’ve completed the quiz, use the rubric to add up your score.

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What do the benefits you offer say about you? Are the choices your company has made focused more on cost management or more on the benefits package itself? Or are you somewhere in the middle trying to balance both? Does your score align with the intent you have for your benefits packages? If not, request a free consultation and find out how to offer the best benefits for your organization while staying within budget by contacting Jim Harenberg at jharenberg@apexbg.com.

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