Women’s Health in the Workplace

As part of Women’s National Health and Fitness Day Week, we polled a few leaders at Apex and asked: “What can employers do to encourage better women’s health at their organizations?” Here are a few ideas they shared:


“Promoting awareness and prevention to female employees is key. Successful promotion is only achievable through tangible takeaways. For instance, many people know that breast cancer awareness month is in October. It isn’t enough to simply know. Employers should use this time to highlight facts about the disease throughout the month and remind women of the importance of getting their annual mammogram if they haven’t already. To take things one step further, employers can even look into bringing screenings directly onsite for convenience and early detection.”

Sarah Michaels, RN
Director of Population Health & Analytics


“Sometimes women are so busy taking care of others that they forget to take care of themselves. I encourage employers to continuously improve the way benefits are communicated to employees so they are aware of what is available and can take advantage of the options being offered to them.”

Amber Chittenden
VP of Client Engagement


“Now more than ever it is imperative for employers of choice to support a healthy work-life blend in order to attract and retain strong female professionals.  Offering flexible scheduling supports women as they strive to perform their best personally and professionally.” 

Stephanie DiBlasio, SPHR
VP of Administration

To continue promoting better women’s health in your workplace, download this free checklist and share it with your employees.

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