January 24, 2024


A little structure goes a long way.

Since the onset of Covid in 2020, the outlook on remote employment has transformed. Once a rarity, it is now commonplace. Employees will even seek new roles if remote work is not an option. With this shift, it is important to consider how to build healthy habits for remote work.

While the flexibility of remote or hybrid work is unmatched, it can come with its own set of challenges. Poor work-life balance, communication barriers, loneliness, technology issues and distractions at home are just a few of the challenges many remote workers experience. Here are five helpful tips to build healthy habits for remote work and promote well-being.

Establish a Dedicated Workspace

Take the time to create a designated workspace (away from your relaxation spaces). Doing this can help to separate your professional and personal life. Try to choose a quiet, well-lit area (by a window is even better) where you can focus on your tasks.

Next, accessorize — invest in an ergonomic chair and desk to support good posture. This will enhance your comfort and reduce risk of musculoskeletal troubles associated with prolonged sitting. You know yourself best, so make any additional adjustments to ensure a work environment that works for you.

Stick to a Consistent Routine

Maintaining a daily routine can help you cultivate structure and discipline. Set regular working hours (and stick to them!). Schedule breaks (check out the 20-20-20 rule) and allocate time for meals and movement.

A consistent routine can help you enjoy work-life balance, aid in reducing the chances of burnout, and help to reduce feelings of stress.

Set Boundaries

Don’t be afraid to clearly define and communicate your work hours with your colleagues and family. Setting boundaries around work can help you to manage expectations of the job and prevent burnout. Your personal time is important. Do what you can to protect it and prioritize time for yourself and time with friends and family. Prioritizing yourself, and your life outside of work, will help you recharge for the next day’s work!

If you find yourself struggling to end your workday, try incorporating a wind-down routine. This can look different for everyone, but the idea behind the wind-down routine can help to signal the end of the workday. Try making a list of items to complete the following day. Or simply “close-down” your workstation by closing out of email and tabs and powering down the computer.

Build in Movement & Eat Mindfully

Nutrition and movement play a vital role in your work-from-home routine. Incorporate a consistent exercise routine and put it on the calendar! A morning walk or jog, yoga session, or a 30-minute strength routine can contribute to improvements in both your physical and mental health. Exercise releases endorphins (our feel-good hormones), aiding in reducing stress and boosting our mood. Eat nutritious meals that have all the nutrients you need. This will help you power through challenges and maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

Foster Social Connections

Remote work can be just that — remote! It can be difficult to connect with your colleagues on a more personal level. Actively engage them through virtual meetings or messaging platforms. Remember to connect with occasional conversations that have nothing to do with business. This could mean a virtual coffee chat or icebreaker games (I know, everyone’s favorite) to encourage discussion and laughs!

Remote work presents countless opportunities for flexibility and autonomy. However, a little structure goes a long way. Thrive at home with these healthy habits for remote work. By incorporating these five tips, can create true work-life balance and protect your well-being.

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