April 20, 2022


Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry? How much junk ended up in your basket? Going to the grocery on an unplanned run can not only feel like a chore, but also lead to making less-than-ideal choices.

Something we can do that can help make grocery shopping easier, as well as more cost effective, time efficient and nutritiously sound, is to make a plan and build a list ahead of time.

Here are three simple tips to reap large rewards in reducing your food shopping stress:

First step: We live busy lives which leads to unplanned visits to the store. Pick one day a week to do your meal planning and grocery shopping. Mark the time in your calendar and make sure your family knows it’s a priority.

Second step: Check your refrigerator or pantry for items you already have and plan your meals around which you do – or don’t — have. For instance, you have a couple of cans of black beans and chicken you need to use, that is start of an easy skillet meal. Try to include breakfast, lunch, and snacks in your meal planning as well.

Third step: Once you have your meals planned out for the week, use that, and create your grocery list. Make sure to join your grocery store loyalty programs for extra savings; check the loyalty programs weekly for ads, coupon and rewards.

Extra tips for shopping smart and eating healthy:

  • Try to shop in season fruits and veggies but remember ALL forms count — frozen and canned.
  • Shop the outside-the-aisles perimeter of the store first as it contains the most nutritious foods.
  • Try to avoid processed snacks and drinks like chips, cookies and soda as they do not have very much nutritional value.
  • Less expensive brands of food are usually above or below eye level when you are picking food items from a shelf.
  • Read the nutrition labels carefully if you are trying to choose products that are low sodium, low fat or low sugar.
  • Avoid the end caps! A lot of times these are strategically placed to catch your eye to buy something not particularly healthy and not on your list.

If you want to save money at the store and still eat healthy, download the document linked below for even more tips.

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