February 25, 2022

Chances are you’ve heard of mindfulness in terms of meditation, journaling, and being fully present in the moment. But have you heard of mindful eating? And no, we’re not talking about waiting five minutes before you take another bite! Most of us don’t have five minutes to contemplate a raisin either.

Mindful eating could include consuming your food more slowly and really concentrating on the food in your mouth, but that’s not the most practical way to eat mindfully in your daily life. Simply, it’s more about listening to your body and fully enjoying mealtime. Here are a few practical ways you can eat more mindfully.

Listen to your body – When we eat rapidly, we tend to ignore our body’s signals that we’re full and satisfied. Slowing down when eating can help the body and mind catch up with what you are taking in. Slowing down might include chewing each bite at least 15 times, setting your fork down between bites and sitting down – instead of standing – to eat.

Share meals with others – Eating alone and at random times can often lead to wandering around the kitchen and grabbing the first items in sight. Gathering with other people at a set time and place encourages proactive thought around the meal. Mealtime consistency can also boost both your mind and body’s health and help your mood and sleep schedule. Curious about the connection between food and your mood? Register for our next Well-Being Webinar on March 22.

Understand your motivations – Are you eating because you’re hungry? Or are you eating because you need a distraction? Finding a balance between foods that are emotionally comforting versus nutritionally healthy is not always easy. Practice eating a greater variety of healthy foods so you feel less inclined to binge your favorites. You’ll also find healthy food much more satisfying if you slow down while eating.

Pay attention to your plate – Multitasking is the enemy of mindfulness. It distracts you from listening deeply to your body’s needs. During your next meal, try putting your phone away, turning the television off and shutting down your computer while you eat.


The real world is a busy place, so eating mindfully can be difficult to do all the time. From running the kids to soccer practice to making it to your next appointment, there will be some multitasking that you must do to make life work. However, making time for undistracted meals can boost your body and mind. Start small by planning a few meals a week that are free from distractions.

Source: mindful.org

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