July 14, 2021

Kinetiq Health has started a new series called, Better Health in 90, to bring you health tips in 90 seconds or less from our expert clinical team.

In preparation for a sweaty summer ahead, Community Relations Coordinator and Certified Group Fitness Instructor Lyndsey Isenhower discusses the importance of hydration, how much water we really need and tips on how to get the recommended amount.

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Hydration Tips for the Summer

Water is essential to good health, considering it makes up about 50-70 percent of our body weight at any given time.

Drinking adequate amounts of water has major benefits on our health such as increased energy, brain function, lubricates and cushions joints, and most importantly, helps rid the body of wastes.

But how much water do you need? 

Like most aspects of health and fitness, one size doesn’t fit all. However, a good rule of thumb is 15.5 cups of fluids a day for men and 11.5 cups of fluids a day for women.

When considering how much water you personally need though, take into consideration your physical activity level, health status and environment. If you’re an active individual, you might need more than the recommended amount. Also, in warmer climates or warmer seasons, you’re likely to sweat more and require more fluids.

How can you get that many cups a day?

Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on just plain cups of water to meet your fluid needs. We should count on about 20 percent of our fluid intake to come from food. Fruits and vegetables have the highest amount of water in them compared to processed foods or meats. For example, watermelon and spinach are almost 100 percent water by weight.

In addition, beverages such as milk, juice and herbal teas are composed mostly of water. Even caffeinated drinks — such as coffee and soda — can contribute to your daily water intake. But watch those add-ins like sugar, cream, syrups and whipped cream, or you’ll take your near-zero calorie beverage to the level of a rich dessert.

You could also consider spicing up your water by adding berries, orange or lemon slices, or mint to keep you drinking. Stay hydrated this summer with these options to get your fluids!

Weekly Recipe

Watermelon Agua Fresca

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