Uncover Significant Savings in Your PBM Contract

Be a hero to your CEO by finding savings opportunities in your Pharmacy Benefits program. Companies like yours are likely overpaying for these benefits. But by taking control and better understanding the terms of your pharmacy benefit management (PBM) agreement – you can be empowered to find significant savings in the small print of these unnecessarily complex contracts.

The agreement between your organization and a PBM is the greatest factor in determining how much your company pays for its pharmacy benefits. These contracts are typically written by PBMs to financially benefit themselves, not your company.

Through our consulting services or this free workshop, our clients are identifying – on average – 30% to 50% in savings on their pharmacy benefits programs.

After this free, no-obligation workshop, you will have the knowledge to:

  • Translate core contract language into understandable terminology
  • Understand where to look for cost savings opportunities
  • Identify areas of cost savings in your current contract
  • Gain greater negotiating control over your PBM contracts
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Lab Requirements

To participate, your organization must be self-insured and you must bring a copy of your PBM contract to the workshop.

Workshop Location

Pharmacy Benefits Labs are held throughout the State of Indiana — in person. If you’re interested in a virtual option, please contact us.

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Erin Albert, PharmD, JD

Meet the Apex Pharmacy Benefits Practice Leader

Erin has leadership responsibility for the Pharmacy Benefits Practice and its solutions. She provides direction to our team to ensure the program is contributing to improved health and reduced costs for the employers we serve. As part of the population health & analytics team, Erin develops innovation and evolution of practice initiatives; she also works alongside Apex client services and sales teams to develop, implement and evaluate comprehensive pharmacy benefits programs for clients.

Meet Erin Albert
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Ready to save 30% to 50% on your pharmacy benefits programs?