WEBINAR: The Power of Health Data in Building High-Performing Schools

Join us for a unique webinar that brings together leaders from the educational research and healthcare benefits industries. Hear from our industry expert panelists who will discuss how health data – of pupils and personnel — is key to building more high-performing schools.

June 10, 2021 | Noon – 1 p.m.

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Can Data Make a Difference?

Learn How to Use Untapped Health Data & ESSER Funds to Build Stronger Schools


Build Healthier Schools to Impact Performance

Fostering cultures of health among pupils and personnel alike in Indiana K-12 schools can sustainably impact academic achievement and employee satisfaction. Actionable insights can be derived from the analysis of health information gathered from student attendance and nurse utilization data, and the analysis of school personnel health behavior and medical claims data.

Aggregating and leveraging this data can help schools determine how to put programs, tools, and resources in place to emerge stronger from the pandemic. This is more attainable and timelier now as schools begin to plan how to allocate $2B in Indiana ESSER funds through American Rescue Plan.

Who Should Attend:

  • Indiana K-12 leaders, HR executives and educators
  • Those responsible for allocating ARP ESSER funds
  • Anyone dedicated to improving the health status of children and adults in Indiana’s school systems


This webinar will provide tangible examples of how the application of funds can best help creating a healthier environment – leading to a more high-performing school. Indiana’s K-12 educational leaders and HR executives are encouraged to attend and learn more about:

  • The Paramount Health Data Project, an organization’s whose research supports that, whether physically or emotionally, poor student health impacts academic outcomes
  • The results from a study of Apex client data that supports how the investment of time and resources in the long-term wellbeing of your workforce returns positive outcomes
  • Learn what health data to target to best understand risk of engagement and retention
  • How schools can best leverage ARP ESSER funds to impact student and personnel wellness

Attendees will receive a toolkit to help them better understand how the Paramount Health Data Project can help address student achievement, how to work more closely with their group health plan advisor to mine plan member data to improve health, and guidelines for ESSER fund allocations.

Meet the Panel of Experts

Brooke Salazar, JD, PHR, Apex DE&I Officer, Associate Counsel and Empact HR Consultant

Brooke SalazarBrooke is an attorney and human resources professional with a focus on diversity and inclusion programs; benefits design and administration; and employee relations. She has over 10 years of rich, progressive experience as a trusted subject matter expert in resolving and mitigating complex employee relations matters. Her career has been built upon developing active business partnerships with senior executive leadership in the strategic selection and tactical execution of various talent strategies that integrate human capital success into strategic business results. Learn more about Brooke.

Sarah Michaels, RN, Director of Kinetiq Health at Apex Benefits

Sarah MichaelsAs Director of Kinetiq Health at Apex Benefits, Sarah and her team help members find cost-effective healthcare solutions to drive down employer premium costs. Sarah’s passion as a benefits strategist includes the use of data and predictive modeling as a means of lowering member risk scores. Sarah has over 8 years of healthcare experience, in both the clinical and business setting. Her background as a Registered Nurse, working at Riley Hospital for Children, brings forth a unique perspective in chronic condition management and healthcare trends. Learn more about Sarah.

Addie Angelov, PhD, Executive Director of Paramount Health Data Project

Azure D.S. Angelov holds a BA in Elementary and Special Education from the Klipsch School of Education at Marian University, a MS from the College of Education at Butler University, and a Ph.D. in Special Education and Multicultural Education from the School of Education at Indiana University Bloomington. Dr. Angelov served as Director of Research for the Indiana Department of Education where she brought in $60 million in competitive federal grant awards. She is a founder of the Paramount Health Data Project and currently consults with schools across the country on special education, equity and research. Learn more about Dr. Angelov.

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