Brooke is passionate about offering practical, compliant solutions to best suit her client’s human resources needs and objectives. Whether she is conducting performance reviews, designing policies and procedures, acting as a client’s staff partner, or conducting human resources training, she always brings real-world perspectives to the table to ensure that the solution is not only administratively feasible and compliant but is also aligned with the client’s culture. Brooke designs client specific solutions that are designed to increase employee engagement, ensure compliance, and directly contribute to the success of the business.

Brooke is a human resources professional with a focus on diversity and inclusion programs; benefits design and administration; and employee relations. She has over 10 years of rich, progressive experience as a trusted subject matter expert in resolving and mitigating complex employee relations matters. From in-house roles, she has served a wide range of employers from large, complex multinationals to growing, entrepreneurial businesses. This experience has shaped how she approaches each client individually to provide solutions that fit their culture and size. Additionally, her career has been built upon developing active business partnerships with senior executive leadership in the strategic selection and tactical execution of HRIS systems, retirement plans (both qualified and non-qualified), and various talent strategies that integrate human capital success into strategic business results.

Brooke taught human resources acumen, employment and labor, and diversity and inclusion classes for SHRM certification education. She received her Bachelor of Arts in political science from Indiana University Bloomington. Brooke earned her JD from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, and is licensed as an attorney in the state of Indiana. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, spending time with her dogs and wildly spoiling her nieces and nephew.

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