August 24, 2021

2021 HR Indiana Conference


Analyzing plan members’ medical and pharmacy claims data is a task most often left up to your carrier or broker. However, today’s HR pros can add data analyst to their many responsibilities.

At HR Indiana 2021, session attendees learned how to better understand and leverage data to play an integral part uncovering the health status of their plan members. And they learned more about what to look for to identify those medical and pharmaceutical claims most predictive of the highest risk to members’ health and their organizations’ bottom lines.

Sarah Michaels, RN, director of Kinetiq Health and senior clinical strategist and Erin Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD, CPBS, Kinetiq Health Pharmacy Benefits Practice lead, helped attendees learn to:

  • Talk to their carrier or broker about financial and clinical claims data
  • Learn what questions to ask vendors about high-dollar medical and Rx claims
  • Leverage analytics to proactively uncover high-dollar procedures and drugs
  • Help develop interventions on effective cost containment of high-cost claims while getting members better care
  • Hold vendors and carriers accountable for both care and cost management

VIDEO: 2021 HR Indiana Conference Presentation

Take a greater strategic role in your organization by demonstrating more accountability for helping your company control healthcare costs. Watch the presentation and download the accompanying workbook.

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