Making a Difference

The Apex Benefits MKM program has seen over 10,000 graduates to date.

Corporate Challenge Sponsor

For nearly a decade, Apex Benefits has supported Beyond Monumental in its mission of supporting youth health and well-being. Including serving as the Corporate Challenge sponsor, now known as the Monumental Corporate Cup.

The employer-based Apex Benefits Monumental Challenge incentivized employees to get active by running, walking or volunteering at Beyond Monumental events in the spirit of promoting health and wellness throughout the community.

Team Monumental Kids

As the needs of the community grew, so did our partnership.

The Apex Benefits Monumental Kids Movement is a seven-to-nine-week school-based running club powered by a health a wellness curriculum that educates youth about the benefits of exercise, proper diet and healthy living —culminating with students running a celebratory 5K.

The MKM 5K from 4 Indianapolis school districts – Indianapolis Public Schools, Lawrence Township Schools, Perry Township Schools and MSD of Pike. The Apex Benefits MKM program has seen over 10,000 graduates to date.

The Future

In 2023, Apex Benefits announced the extension of its title sponsorship of the Apex Benefits Monumental Kids Movement (MKM) and the Apex Benefits Monumental Kids 5K for the next 3 years.

“We’re honored to sponsor the Monumental Kids movement. As the group health and benefits partner to some of the largest school systems across Indiana we get the privilege of supporting schools’ employees and their family members,” Apex President and CEO John F. Gause said.

Monumental Snapshots

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Check out some of our favorites from Beyond Monumental Events over the years.

Get Involved

Dedicate your miles to raising funds for the Apex Benefits MKM as you train for your next Monumental race.

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