The largest marathon in Indiana is only days away, marking the end of this year’s Apex Benefits Monumental Challenge, an employer-based wellness initiative where companies compete against similar-sized companies. In the summer and fall, employees have been earning points for their organizations by running or walking in or volunteering for the Beyond Monumental events. These events include: the Monumental Mile, the Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben, and the upcoming CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5k.

The challenge promotes health and wellness in companies and provides a way for them to get active in the Indianapolis community. According to the American Health and Wellness Association, healthy employees are more engaged, productive and happier. With this free challenge, organizations of all sizes have been able to encourage a healthier workforce through participation in these community events.

Apex has five participants in this year’s big event on Saturday (pictured above). Apex runner and Population Health Specialist Ali Harris, MS shared some wisdom about the Challenge and training for the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. Harris has participated in marathon and half marathon races, but she puts more emphasis on staying healthy than the race itself.

“The race is just a culmination of all the hard work you’ve put into training. Participating in the Beyond Monumental events through the Apex Monumental Challenge has helped me stay focused and healthy for the main race,” stated Harris.

At the conclusion of this Saturday’s race, participating companies’ scores will be evaluated, and the winners will be announced in early 2020. The winning teams will have the opportunity to have a luncheon catered to their office by Beyond Monumental.


Are you up for the Challenge?

Looking ahead, we’ll soon be gearing up for the Apex Monumental Challenge 2020. There’s no cost for companies to join the challenge. Take advantage of a healthy opportunity to create stronger internal connections among your employees. If you’re interested in promoting health and fitness in your company, email to sign up for the free challenge.

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