As February winds down, March kicks into gear with National Nutrition Month – a good time for us to reflect on our diets and physical activity. We all know the importance and the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight and when figuring out a diet plan to follow, consider this: The best approach for improved health and weight control is to develop a personal plan — one you can stick with and enjoy.

The right eating plan for you should match your taste buds, daily schedule, finances and health needs. That’s a lot to think about. Consider these 5 factors to help you find the best plan for you:

  • Does it include foods you love? Restricting your favorite foods may leave you unhappy and is not sustainable for long. Make sure you love what you eat.
  • Does it allow you to socialize? Some diet plans are so limited that it’s difficult to travel or dine with friends and family. If your diet is keeping you isolated, you need to rethink it.
  • Is it simple and affordable? A sign of failure is spending too much time sourcing ingredients and too much money on them. The plan needs to fit your lifestyle.
  • Does it support physical activity? Eating well is only part of the equation. Regular exercise is important for reducing disease risk, maintaining a healthy weight and improving your mood.
  • Does it provide the nutrition that your body needs? It’s important that the food you choose is both enjoyable and nourishing. Restricting food can lead to nutrient deficiencies. See a dietitian to ensure your nutrient needs are being met.

Turkey and Rice Stuffed Peppers!

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