July 5, 2023

You do not have to settle for just water when a world of flavorful and hydrating options awaits.

As the summer sun beats down, it is time to dive headfirst into the refreshing realm of hydration. Did you know that a staggering 60% of our body is composed of water? We are like walking aqua tanks, and it is vital to find sources of hydration that will keep our bodies functioning at their peak.

But fear not if you are not a fan of plain water. Even if you do, the recommended six to eight cups of water is a bit dauting. Here are some alternative hydration sources.


The first place to start are the fruity wonders that pack a hydrating punch. Picture this: you are lounging under the scorching sun and a slice of juicy watermelon is beckoning you — pure bliss. Well, did you know that watermelon is also an excellent source of hydration? It contains a staggering 92% water content. That means when you devour one cup of this delectable fruit, you’re consuming about a half a cup of water.

If watermelon is not your jam, you could try cantaloupe — boasting an impressive 90% water content. Citrus lovers out there do not have to miss out. Oranges, with their zesty flavor, boast an 88% water content. One medium orange is equivalent to half a cup of water, making it a juicy and hydrating snack.


Let us venture into the vegetable kingdom. You may be surprised to learn that your favorite salad ingredients are not only crunchy and delicious but also hydrating powerhouses.

Take lettuce, for instance. This leafy green champion contains a staggering 96% water content. That means every cup of lettuce you enjoy contributes a cool quarter cup of water towards your daily intake.

If you are a celery aficionado, you will be thrilled to know that it contains an impressive 95% water content. Munching on one cup of celery provides you with half a cup of water, bringing you closer to your hydration goals.

And we cannot forget about tomatoes, those versatile fruits in disguise. With a water content of 94%, a medium-sized tomato can give you half a cup of water. Enjoy some fresh produce today for a hydrating and nutritious win-win.

Mix it up

There are other sneaky sources of hydration lurking in unexpected places. Skim milk not only provides calcium but also contributes to your hydration goals. So, pour yourself a glass of creamy goodness and stay hydrated.

While it is a bit too hot outside for most of us to be craving soups and broths, they can be a great source of hydration, especially those made with a vegetable base. When the bitter cold returns, sipping on a warm bowl of soup can warm your soul and replenish your water levels.

Cottage cheese, with its creamy texture and protein-packed goodness, is another hydrating ally. And if you are looking for something a bit lighter, we have the tropical hero known as coconut water — electrolyte-rich and thirst-quenching.

Water may be the reigning champion of hydration, but it is not your only option. Get creative and build a repertoire of fruits, veggies and other foods and drinks that will help you meet your hydration goals this summer.

Hydration is crucial to help your body achieve peak performance. But you do not have to settle for just water when a world of flavorful and hydrating options awaits. Keep exploring, keep sipping and keep hydrated.

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Jessica Lenahan

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