Apex Opinion: John Gause, President & CEO

I recently read that a federal judge found United Behavioral Health, a unit of UnitedHealthcare, in violation of federal law and “created internal policies that effectively discriminated against those seeking mental health and substance abuse treatment.” According to March 6 CNN reporting, the “judge blasted (the) subsidiary of the nation’s largest insurance company for focusing on the ‘bottom line as much or more’ than patients’ health.”

This ruling is disconcerting at best and I hope it spurs positive change in the industry. At Apex, I’m proud that our entire team of benefits strategists always puts our clients’ interests first.

Many employers find that stigmas associated with mental illness remain and present barriers to patients seeking treatment. Learning that those who raise their hand to ask for help may be receiving less than the best care available is a potential travesty.  Every day we must fight for what’s best for employers and their employees.

The disproportionate economics and what sometimes seems like a purposeful lack of transparency in the health benefits industry unquestionably need to be addressed. Apex is committed to being a change-maker as we shine the light a bit brighter on the industry’s complexities and financial inequities to get our clients the affordable benefits they deserve.

Read the CNN article.