July 8, 2022

Practical Tips for Recruiting

When it comes to hiring a new employee or intern, it is essential to look at their skills and their personality. You might think, “Why personality?” but personality is always a vital factor when bringing someone new into your workplace. Finding new people who will connect well with your employees can be a struggle.

When it comes to skills, be aware of the skills gaps of your company and team. What’s missing? What skills should someone else bring to the table? If someone brings skills to the table that are already present in your team, do they bring them with a different perspective?


According to Apex Benefits HR Specialist and Recruiter, Lauren Lewis, there are three pillars when it comes to recruiting: personal brand, culture and resume.

Personal brand

You may be focused on the personal brand of your prospective employee, as you should; however, pay special attention to your own brand, often referred to as an employee value proposition (EVP). An EVP represents the value an employer brings to its employees.


Culture is understanding the culture of who you are recruiting for. Creating a culture people want to be apart of, understanding the culture that you are recruiting for and how that culture will be built and maintained.


Finally, experience is important, but it’s also important to look beyond the resume. For example, you ask the question why do you want to come to Apex? Why do they want to be a part of the culture? You want to align your EVP with the value that the candidate can bring to your team.


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