Spotlight on Men's Health

Webinar Description

June is Men’s Health Month and unfortunately, men are often grossly underrepresented in the health care system, neglecting preventive and mental health care. In this webinar, registered nurse Jordyn Schwerin sits down with some of the men of Apex to discuss this critical topic.

Highlights include:

  • Clinical insights on men’s health and health care disparity
  • Discussion around the challenges men face when seeking mental health care
  • A breakdown of the most critical preventive exams for men
  • Recommendations for a practical approach to male health and wellness
Jordyn Schwerin, RN

Authored By

Jordyn Schwerin, RN

Kinetiq Health Program Manager

As a Kinetiq Health Program Manager, Jordyn works to create customized and unique wellness solutions, aiming to improve her clients’ overall health and quality of life. Her responsibilities include collaborating with client wellness teams and hosting one-on-one client meetings to communicate and implement wellness plans based on specific needs.

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