Wherever you work – an office, a repair shop, warehouse, hospital or home, a messy work area can hinder productivity and waste time. It can be annoying and distracting, especially in cramped quarters. To restore order, make time to tidy up your space. Use the tips below to help you keep your workspace in order and your workday on track.

  • Remove the unused stuffRetired files and periodicals, dishes, dead plants, anything that gets in your way of working free of distraction.
  • Review workplace needs What are your priorities and how does the space help or hinder getting things done? Do you need more storage or space to spread out projects or to keep supplies handier?
  • Control dataCreate electronic or bin systems for organizing, archiving and deleting files – both hard copy and digital. Recycle duplicate or outdated documents.
  • Make it feed goodConsider the amount of time we use it. Your workspace should not only be functional but reassuring, something unique to each of us. Add some personality, inspiring photos, noise-canceling headphones or whatever may help boost your mood, energy and comfort (per your employer’s approval).


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