Open Door Health Services is a fully funded not-for-profit health center providing comprehensive primary, urgent and preventive healthcare services to individuals and families throughout East Central Indiana. There are 99 employees enrolled in the medical benefits program.


Prior to engaging with Apex in 2017, Open Door saw increasing medical claims and the need to promote more wellness behaviors among their employees but struggled with how to begin. As they explored their broader benefits strategy with Apex, they turned to the Kinetiq Health team to design and implement a wellness program.

In 2018, our health coach first met with an employee about her biometric screening results. The employee was frustrated because, despite lifestyle changes over the past year, her total cholesterol and triglyceride levels were elevated. She had regular health coaching sessions and became very involved in the Open Door wellness program and health offerings. In less than one year, her levels were within healthy range and she met the goals she’d been working toward.


Apex designed a strategic wellness plan based on their population’s demographic, enhanced with custom employee survey data which gauged interest in wellness activities and assessed the company’s wellness culture. From this data, Apex concluded that the most effective engagement would be built around a dedicated health coach who could be onsite twice per week. The health coach’s broad responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate all wellness programs, campaigns and incentives/challenges
  • Create and lead a client wellness team
  • Prepare customized communication relating to overall health and specific wellness benefits
  • Promote monthly health observances and deliver onsite educational sessions
  • Preform biometric assessments
  • Provide one-on-one health and lifestyle training

Along with the health coach, Apex provides robust health data reporting. This includes providing a quarterly wellness dashboard to client’s leadership, monitoring employee satisfaction feedback from program evaluations, evaluating all employee and covered participant health data. The team provides recommendations to lead positive change, maintain individual employee and physician interaction, increase collection of biometric data, and increase employee engagement.


Employee engagement in the wellness program has increased year over year. Open Door advanced their Wellness Council of Indiana rating to Level 4 from Level 3.

More specific improvements include:

  • 88% of employees have participated in at least one event
  • 6% increase in employees who have participated in at least one wellness activity
  • 54% increase in employees that earned quarterly wellness incentives
  • 94% increase in employees that qualified to earn $100 wellness reimbursements
  • 19% increase in the use of preventative exams and related tests, including cervical cancer screening, cholesterol screening, colonoscopy, diabetes screening, immunizations, mammograms and prostate cancer screening
  • 100% increase in health coaching sessions
  • 34% increase in employees who participated in onsite health screenings

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