Most of us run short on time during the holidays, especially those raising children. As parents you’re watching your kids grow fast and change quickly – and hope to make the most of holiday time together. Review these three tips below to gain more family quality time and maintain peace of mind.

  • Keep work, family and personal goals balanced. Planning can help separate work from family time to avoid conflicts (such as working late and missing dinner or gift shopping together as a family). Pre-schedule as much as you can, stick to your plans and make sure to communicate changes.
  • Don’t over-commit. Consider when saying No is best. You may want to finish a work project early or promise to make every holiday event, but why risk becoming overwhelmed or making mistakes? Focus on sharing quality family time even when it runs short.
  • Schedule downtime. Consciously pace yourself and take personal breaks to ease stress and fatigue. A daily relaxing walk, an energizing lunch and a few minutes of stretching every hour may keep you strong, motivated and in the holiday spirit.


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