April 29, 2021


So much positive news has come out this week. First and foremost is news from the CDC about what we can do about our masks, especially outdoors, now that we have begun to be vaccinated.

If you are now fully vaccinated, according to the CDC, you now do not need to wear masks outside, provided you are not in a crowded venue. Good news there, and we strongly encourage following the CDC’s guidelines on mask wearing, COVID-19 and travel advisory.

Another question we also received is, “How long do the COVID-19 vaccines work?”

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact answer. However, the biomarker that the manufacturers are study over time for vaccine efficacy, or effectiveness, is antibody response.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have released their six-month data around antibodies, and it shows the vaccines are still clinically effective against the COVID-19 virus. So that’s more good news. Certainly, Johnson & Johnson is still working on its six-month data, and we will provide that information when it becomes available.

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Erin L. Albert

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