August 11, 2022

Are wellness programs good business?

Yes. And no.

Hear more at the 2022 HR Indiana conference about how to develop and implement a workplace well-being program that is impactful on — not only employee health — but your organization’s bottom line.

“The Hard Truth About Wellness Programs” will be presented by Sarah Michaels, RN, CPBS, Kinetiq Health vice president, and Kelsey Van Paris, MS, CHC, Kinetiq Health program specialist at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, August 30.

“It is important for workplace health programs to contain a combination of wellness strategies and disease interventions to influence health,” Sarah says. “While many organizations focus on lifestyle management programming, disease management is where employers can realize the greatest return on their investments.”

Sarah and Kelsey will discuss:

  • The most common pitfalls of wellness programs
  • The difference between wellness and health
  • How to align workplace well-being programs and strategic business opportunities
  • How, what and why definitions for a successful wellness program

Session attendees will receive assessment and implementation tools to take back to their wellness teams including a Workplace Well-being Playbook. Attendees also will be eligible for a free 30-minute wellness program consultation with a Kinetiq Health expert.

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