April 7, 2021

Nine on CPBS Team


Apex Benefits, Indiana’s largest employer health benefits advisory firm and services provider, is proud to announce the addition of two more employees to its Kinetiq Health team of Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialists.

Advisor Mark Goodpaster and Senior Account Executive Joni Fallowfield recently completed the CPBS certification course, growing Indiana’s first and largest CPBS team to nine.

“Pharmacy benefits continue to consume a higher percentage of total healthcare plan spend and are challenging, with more orphan drugs, specialty drugs and gene therapies entering the market,” said Erin Albert, Kinetiq Health Pharmacy Benefit Practice Leader. “With a growing team of Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialists at Apex Benefits and with our Kinetiq Health team, we can better serve our clients with the most important cost-savings opportunity in pharmacy benefits: knowledge of the marketplace.”

In addition to Goodpaster and Fallowfield, Apex employees who already have CPBS certifications include:

  • Erin Albert, PharmD, Kinetiq Health Pharmacy Benefit Practice Leader
  • Jim Harenberg, Chief Operating Officer
  • Stan Jackson, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Scott Long, Executive Advisor
  • Andy May, Senior Account Executive
  • Nate Spangle, Business Development Associate
  • Toni Stinson, Director of Apex Academy

“It is a grueling class and both Joni and Mark went above and beyond with support from the current CPBS team,” Harenberg said. “Apex was the first Indiana benefits advisor with a CPBS team, we are the first in the history of the program to re-certify our members and we have now returned to having the largest CPBS team in the state of Indiana.”