January 22, 2021


The long-awaited COVID-19 vaccinations are finally here and being distributed across the country.

But with that comes newer questions about this virus and the vaccine itself. Questions have already been asked such as:

  • Will the vaccine be free?
  • Will the vaccine be covered by insurance?
  • Where can I sign up and get my vaccine shots?
  • Can the vaccines be administered in my workplace?

Those are just a few questions about the COVID-19 vaccines as it relates to insurance that your employees are bound to ask.

I’ll answer those questions and provide additional information for you in our COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace webinar on January 28. I’ll also cover any topics and questions that were asked in our related COVID-19 vaccine survey.

We’re here to help you sort through any concerns you may have. Hope you can join us.

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Amber Chittenden

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Amber Chittenden

Chief Client Officer
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