January 3, 2024


This year, ditch the dread of setting goals you feel destined to abandon and prioritize goals that enhance your wellbeing.

When I sat down to write this article, the exasperation of readers echoed in my head. “If I see one more push to create a S.M.A.R.T. goal, I will scream.” “New Year Resolutions never get me anywhere, except disappointed that I didn’t accomplish my goals.”

So, what if I told you there were ways you can progress towards your goals in a way that fits YOU? Try out these tips below to make 2024 your year with goals for wellbeing.

Take a positive spin:

Many resolutions are centered on weight loss. That is nothing new. But often, these goals fall flat because our self-talk is often punishing and negative in nature. Don’t do this. Avoid that food. So, what if you keep that same outcome, but focus your goal on positive statements.

Goal: “I want to lose 15lbs by spring break.”

Start off by assessing what you are currently doing. Do you hit the gym or do structured workouts? If so, how many? You make time for it once a week – great! Let’s play off that so that our new goal is not out of reach.

Try this: “I will move my body 2 days a week for this whole month.”

Or what if you have a solid workout routine, but your eating habits could be more intentional?

Try this: “I will eat one fruit and vegetable with dinner this week.”

See how you do within a given time frame, then adjust for the next – increase it, decrease it to a manageable level, or try that same goal again! Instead of focusing solely on weight loss, make your actionable items on positive behaviors that support your main goal.

Pick a theme:

If focusing on a goal feels too intimidating or you’re tired of setting the same one every year, try choosing a word or phrase that captures what you hope to achieve!

What is something you want to focus on this year? Put it into a theme word! Write it on your mirror, type it into a note on your phone, or find a quote that resonates with you. As the weeks go by, that theme word will help support you throughout the year.

Having trouble finding your word, this Washington Post generator can help you pick your value for 2024! Here are some examples.


This could apply in a variety of scenarios. It may mean more travel in the new year or going somewhere new within your state. Or it could mean taking on new challenges in your career like prioritizing ways to explore your leadership style or enhancing your day-to-day work.

“My best, not perfection”

This one hit close to home. I had a baby this year and it flipped my world upside down. Now that my mental and physical load is spread a lot thinner, I want to focus on doing the best I can instead of chasing perfection. If I only have the energy to give 30% on a certain day, I must learn to give myself grace in that is the best I can give that day!


Your goal may be to decrease stress in the new year. An effective way to do this is to focus on what you are grateful for. When you feel down, agitated or burnt out, remember your theme word and write down the last time you were grateful for something. This will help reset the brain by going back to that feeling.”

  • “My support system at work helped me get through a rough presentation”
  • “Spending the holidays with my family made me feel loved”
  • “The phone conversation I had with my friend last week made me laugh.”

Designate a month:

Monthly designations like Dry January or No Spend November are proving to help people stay on track with their goals. Even though it is only for a set amount of time, participants find that the habits often trickle into the next month as well. Maybe not as strictly, but some of these tendencies stay with them.

You can switch up your goal each month to keep your focus moving! So, thinking about your goals this year, try one of these 30-day challenges by Goals Calling to see which one can support you in 2024.

Remember: choose goals that benefit you, not change you:

Instead of choosing goals that will make you a different person, what about goals that make you a better version of yourself?

  • Get a regular pedicure.
  • Read two chapters of a book in the evenings.
  • Take a nap on the weekend.
  • See a movie this month.

These seem silly to be goals, don’t they? No! They are planned activities that give you time for yourself, that you wouldn’t otherwise make time for.

This year, ditch the dread of setting goals you feel destined to abandon, and prioritize goals that enhance your wellbeing. Happy New Year!

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