Natural light is important to your productivity and overall health inside the workplace, as well as your environment outside of it. Read below for some other benefits to seeking sunlight instead of flipping on the light switch.

  • Natural light boosts your vitamin D storage, important for absorbing calcium and promoting bone growth, as well as helping prevent certain types of cancers, heart disease, depression, and weight gain.
  • Higher Productivity as natural light provides variety and stimulation during the day.
  • Benefits Vision by helping the eye produce dopamine; a key aid in healthy eye development.
  • Quality sleep, as the amount of sunlight you receive during the day, has a direct impact on how much sleep you get at night. Direct sunlight, especially early in the morning produces the most benefit for a good night’s sleep.
  • Improved mood by increasing serotonin, an important chemical and neurotransmitter in the body. Higher levels of serotonin are related to better mood and feelings of satisfaction and calmness.

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