September 29, 2022

Quiet Quitting

4 Tips for Preventing Quiet Quitting

“Quiet quitting” is an emerging trend where workers only do what their job description says or work directly assigned to them. It is often the result of decreased motivation and burnout. Further, a lack of effective communication from leaders can play a role.

Consider the following tips to help increase employee engagement and decrease the odds of quiet quitting among employees:

Provide clear expectations.

Employers should review job descriptions to ensure they accurately reflect the exact duties they expect their employees to perform. Additionally, employers should regularly review and update their employee handbooks to clearly communicate expectations to employees.

Conduct performance reviews.

Performance reviews are opportunities to reward employees for the positive things they have done and inspire them to continue working hard. Conversely, performance reviews are just as important for underperforming employees because they are opportunities to discuss expectations and work together to correct the behavior and prevent quiet quitting.

Provide learning and development opportunities.

One effective way to increase engagement is through learning and development initiatives. Employees who have these opportunities are more likely to remain engaged and stay motivated to try their best at their jobs.

Focus on good management strategies.

Effective management is essential to having efficient, happy employees, so it is important to focus on the techniques managers use. Provide resources to managers about effective strategies and meet with them to discuss ways they can improve.


Quiet quitting is the new term for the trend of employees doing only what their job requires without exceeding expectations. Employers should be aware of the trend and that it will impact every workplace differently. Employers should monitor for signs that employees may be disengaging and utilize these different strategies to help prevent quiet quitting.

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