April 10, 2017


While talking with prospective clients, I’m often asked, “Tell me, what do you like most about Apex Benefits?”

The answer is easy for me.

I still remember the first day I walked in – Everywhere I looked, I saw subject matter expertise. More profound to me though was the element of comradery. Units of folks grinding through projects that eventually translated into valuable deliverables to our clients. It was the pace of action – All working towards excellence. Even more noticeable was this grit when in tough circumstances – Hard negotiations with vendors, or carriers – Or, digging deep to get things right for our clients when the chips were down.

Made me think of the statement Notre Dame made in the 2015 Fiesta Bowl – A nod to the Lou Holtz years by dropping the last names from each players’ jersey.

And, also Coach John Wooden once famously saying, “The team is the star, never an individual”.

So, as I said, the answer is easy for me. It’s teamwork. Real straight-forward. A genuine answer.

I’m surrounded by teammates who don’t want their name on the backs of our jerseys (er, blazers) but are solely interested in our team approach and the best interest of our clients.

You know, they say culture is a living, breathing thing. Something that’s hard to nail down. But, for me, teamwork is at the essence of Apex Benefits. The impact is far-reaching.

We predominantly consult to and serve mid-sized organizations that have 100 to 10,000 employees. These employers tend to have the same problems as Fortune 1000 companies; However, they tend to have to face the same problems with the resources of a much smaller organization. And, some have simply outgrown their broker consultant.

We scale and deliver – A team-based approach with incredible energy behind our exclusive focus on employee benefits.

So, if you’re looking for more value and a team that can pull it off, let’s connect early this year to get a new plan for partnership defined with enough time to execute.

Scott Long

Authored By

Scott Long, CPBS, CHVP, CSFS

Executive Advisor


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