Virginia serves on the population health team as a Kinetiq Health Specialist for the Wayne Township School District. In her role, she designs and administers wellness programs and corresponding challenges with the end goal to improve both employee participation and whole person health. She also engages in one-on-one wellness coaching sessions to provide individuals with health education and lifestyle changes tailored to their specific goals.

Virginia is a proud first-generation graduate of California State University of Fullerton where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and was on the dean’s list. She subsequently earned a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Virginia is driven by a passion for health and wellness and has coached clients across the nation — with a specific focus on those individuals with chronic conditions and health limitations. She joins the team with experience in a broad array of roles including personal training, bilingual health coaching, group training and wellness advising.

In her free time, Virginia enjoys reading (especially anything involving psychology and research), running, dancing, rowing, hiking and traveling with friends and family. She is dedicated to community engagement — volunteering her time to support events for organizations such as Teachers’ Treasures. She also serves individuals in crisis as a Crisis Text Line counselor.