September 16, 2021

Recruitment Strategies Pandemic


Recruiting for open positions was tough at the height of the pandemic.

In some areas, recruiters may not be facing the same struggles they faced last year. However, filling open jobs still isn’t what it used to be for various reasons. Job candidates have new demands, and a remote/hybrid work model has made recruiting tougher.

But recruiters and other HR pros can use these new trends to their advantage for those open jobs.

When detailing your company’s recruitment strategy, be mindful of these new hiring trends shaped by the pandemic, according to SHRM.

Virtual hiring isn’t going anywhere

Think of virtual hiring in the same way as a hybrid workforce now being normalized.

A virtual hiring process – meaning less in-person interviews – not only became the norm during the pandemic. Companies also learned virtual hiring is more cost-effective as it eliminates spending and saves time.

Internal hiring will be emphasized

When a company’s recruiting budget is trimmed, the easiest response is to internally hire. Companies slashed budgets across the board during the pandemic, which also meant trimming how much money was spent on hiring efforts.

That opened the door for employees to develop and be promoted internally. Internal mobility increases employee engagement, lowers costs and shortens the hiring process – meaning open positions are filled quicker.

Recruiters will expand skill sets

Perhaps the fastest-growing skill recruiters needed during the pandemic was personal development.

Company recruiters were tasked with even more duties in the pandemic. Because virtual hiring was fairly new last year, recruiters needed to learn how to accomplish this task successfully.

Hiring in general also slowed during the pandemic. That forced recruiters to get creative with hiring and recruitment strategies. Recruiters also spent time learning how to integrate new talent acquisition tools, developing training manuals and learning how SEO factors into job posts.

Continue to be forward thinking

It’s likely these new recruitment practices will continue for years to come. Companies always look to do things in the most cost-effective way, and virtual experiences in particular allow for those things to happen.

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