trueU LIT program leaders, Gretchen Schott and Marisa Anderson stand beside Matt during the graduation ceremony

With regular lunch and learns and numerous training events offered throughout the year, there is never a shortage of professional development opportunities at Apex. Our most recent success story: Matt Hughes, Director of Technology at Apex, graduated from the trueU Leadership in Training (LIT) Program on January 22, 2020.

Hughes decided to participate in the six-month training program after being promoted to a management position at Apex. Seeking to expand his leadership skills, he was encouraged by an Apex colleague to enroll in trueU’s LIT program. Although it meant a six-month time commitment, Hughes was up for the challenge.

“When I was promoted to a management position, I wasn’t familiar with the responsibilities and felt intimidated, but I wanted to do a good job in this role. Now that I’ve gone through this training program. I’m much more comfortable than I was nine months ago when I became a first-time manager.”

Matt and his team share their final capstone presentation on employee engagement before participating in the LIT program graduation ceremony.

Hughes said the LIT course gave him exposure to people from all different backgrounds – from those who had been managers for 30 years to those who were brand new to management roles. He notes, “It provided a lot of great tools and structure for being a manager like situational leadership, goal setting, and coaching – things I never thought about. I’ve added several training styles to my repertoire.”

Not only did Hughes spend time in the classroom throughout the six-month program, he and his 30 classmates gathered in October for a service project at Shepherd Community Center near Irvington. They helped a family fix the outside of their home with landscaping, fence repair, painting, etc.

Hughes recommends this training to anyone who is interested in developing leadership skills. “The networking alone is great and all the courses are directly applicable to work, especially if you have direct reports,” says Hughes. “The information they give you, the format of the classes and the teachers at trueU – everything is phenomenal.”

Stephanie DiBlasio, Vice President of Administration at Apex said, “We couldn’t be more proud of Matt for his eagerness to participate and the hard work he has put in over the past six months to successfully complete the LIT program.” She adds, “We’re grateful to have an ongoing membership with trueU and be able to offer exceptional professional development opportunities like the Leadership in Training program to our employees.”