If you’re like many employers right now, your office is closed, and you – along with all your employees – are working remotely in your home workspaces.

With this move to working from home, how can you ensure that your employees are set up for success? For some, working at home might be an easy transition, while others may have never experienced an at-home work environment and are trying to adjust.

Holly Reisem Hanna told Forbes, “What people need to realize is that even though working from home offers a great amount of flexibility it is still a professional job and it needs to be treated as such.” It is easy to fall into a slump while spending time at home 24 x7, and with the uncertain future of COVID-19, no one really knows how long we’ll all be quarantined in our homes.

Here are some tips to share with your employees to help them achieve work-at-home success:

  • Keep a routine – This doesn’t mean you have to put on a suit to sit in your home office. However, getting up and getting ready for the day is important to help keep things as normal as possible. Do your morning routine like you would if you were going into the office.
  • Have a dedicated workspace – Working from bed or on the couch might sound appealing but it’s easy to get distracted. If you don’t have a room dedicated to an office space, try to set up an area somewhere in your house that is quiet and free of distractions. A dedicated space is also important when it comes to video conferences and meeting with others on camera.
  • Be prepared – For managers, ensure that your team has everything needed in order to get their jobs done at home. Offer to assist if employees don’t have everything they need. Have expectations for your employees and communicate them clearly so everyone is aware of what needs to be done.
  • Stay connected – Reach out to other employees often to make sure everyone is up to speed – even if it’s just to chat like you would on a normal day in the office. It is easy to feel lonely when you are stuck at home all day. Don’t be afraid to reach out to coworkers just to check in.
  • Set office hours – Set a schedule and try to keep your work hours the same as what they would be in the office. If you live with other people, make sure they know when you are working in order to avoid interruptions while you are working.

For more employer tips and information on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, check out the Apex COVID-19 resource page here.