December 7, 2021

How to be Workplace Accomplice


An accomplice is willing to stand with or act to protect those who are being harassed, excluded, ostracized or otherwise mistreated even if that means suffering professional backlash. Here are some tips to help manage these situations:

Disrupt the pattern of behavior

• If you notice an individual not speaking in a meeting, ask them what their thoughts are on the matter at hand.
• If you notice an individual’s ideas not being heard in the meeting, bring the idea up again with a statement like, “I think Gene’s idea of X is interesting. We should we discuss it.” Keep echoing the idea in the meeting until it is considered.
• If an individual is being consistently interrupted at meetings, try using the following:
• “I’d like to hear the rest of what Anthony was saying.” or
• “Are you aware that you keep interrupting Sheila?”

Download the flyer below for more tips.

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